Welcome to Ferala Studio. Located in Basel's vibrant core, our office stands at the forefront of innovation, leading the way in 3D Design, Virtual, and Augmented Reality. 

Led by a seasoned studio owner with an innate knack for detail, further developed at Herzog & de Meuron, our team is firmly committed to excellence. We combine latest technological advancements with our extensive experience to create compelling visual presentations. Our VR and AR solutions allow clients to immerse themselves in their prospective projects, ensuring that every corner resonates with their aspirations.

 Leveraging the latest graphic hardware and AI technologies, we ensure that every design and visualization meets the highest standards in the shortest time. 

In a world teeming with ideas, we're here to help yours stand out. Whether you're an architect, real estate developer, interior designer, or homeowner, step into the future of design and visualization.

Welcome to Ferala Studio.